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UCU responds to REF results

UCU today congratulated higher education staff for their hard work following the publication of the REF results, but warned that world-leading UK research was often being conducted by people with little or no job security.

Seeing the bigger picture

In a new policy statement UCU argues that government must allocate greater resources across more institutions to cover more diverse areas of research.

The REF is bad for researchers and bad for research

The Research Excellence Framework is an instrument of punishment and reward that distorts the things it seeks to measure. UCU’s Rob Copeland sets out in an article appearing in Research Fortnight how the union aims to protect researchers and improve future assessments.

Challenging the ‘Impact’ element of the REF assessment

The original proposal from the funding councils to include an impact element in the research assessment was highly controversial. Following government prompting, the initial proposal in the HEFCE consultation document on the REF in 2009 included a proposal to base 25 per cent of the assessment on an evaluation of the ‘economic and social impact’…